SCAPPA! (Bianca e il Cacciatore)

Ho fatto l’errore di non sapere che chi è fragile emana un odore, mi sono avvicinata troppo e senza cautele al Cacciatore… Non mi so perdonare per l’evidenza che io non ho saputo vedere, non son fuggita  ma mi sono lasciata cadere, per lui è stato semplice…Ah,ah…., ah, ah….ah, ah (scappa!), ah ah… Lui era più forte e la sua rabbia era improvvisa, invadente, gli oscurava gli occhi piegandogli bocca e le spalle, usciva sempre trovandomi. Mi amava, credevo, e mi metteva al centro, al centro di tutte le cose, e mi diceva “Sei tu la mia cosa migliore e mi puoi perdonare” Ah, ah…(scappa!) ah, ah (scappa!) ah ah (scappa!) ah ah… Andare via, ti sembra impossibile, ma tu sai la verità, è la sola cosa da fare….lalala scappa, scappa, scappa, scappa SCAPPA!


It’s not a revelation, but something you should know without felling betrayed, without sorrow…
‘cause I know that for how much we could ever be near, oh I know, that you won’t save me…
for how much I can love you, dear, oh I know that I won’t save you,
despite my will.
It’s not a deception, neither your love a fall, lonleyness is where we are, since we were born,
‘cause I know that….
It’s here,
in your hands, your life,
my love flows close to you
as a river where you can quench the thirst that you have,
if you want, but the road to do is yours….


All the things arrive If you know to keep them on the palm of your hand
Miracles do happen, butterflies place on an open hand… but if you instead, tighten the fingers of your hand, it become a close fist on a mash of colored wings…and so dear, open your hand, I will come over your hand, keep dear open you hand and I’ll always be back upon your hand…
All the things you allow to go, if you know to keep them on the palm of your hand, they’ll have a nostalgia so strong to be tied up to you to double thread
But if you instead tighten the fingers of your hand it becomes a closed fist on a mash of colored wings…
And so dear, open your hand, I will come, over your hand, keep, dear, open your hand, and I’ll always be back upon your hand


There’s a path traced oh which life unfolds but I insist to struggle like a fly trapped
in an inverted glass, that is me.
There’s something to learn by the patience with which water moves…I presume to change, what I cannot change, you mistify me, again…
And I am waiting and waiting and waiting for you, a million years I could wait…
Is there a way to accept this state of lonleyness? Even now I could go to hell and back again just to bring you home, with me…


The brightest sun over your head, the longest street in front of you, the purest dreams inside your heart, this life turned you, upside down and here you are. A crown of disillusionments, is leaving blood on your forehead, your life’s become a cross to bear, and in the end, it’s you hung by nails…Is there a way to get out of this turn, ehy, is there someone who knows it and could please come and tell me? Is there a trick that I haven’t found before? Is there someone who knows it and could please come and tell me? The high ideals inside your mind, the will to do well in your hands, a million years is time that’s passed, this life turned you upside down and here you are. How many miles long’s your cage? Just how strong is your fear to change? Your life’s become a cross to bear, and in the end, it’s you hung by nails…


The road of dreams is following a tortuous path where nothing seems to be in its place truly…
Complicated feelings, frustration, inability to wait the time it takes, they are with me in my days,
The scent of the rose is almost ineffable, and if the wind is blowing disappears…
We feel only pain we have had from these scratches, of thorns of the rose we do not want to touch.


I’ve put my feet on ground when I was a child, and I have done my steps on the road of life,
while my feet changed ransom…I have looked around on every side, trying to stay standing, holding firm my brain if the wind blew too hard…. Listen to me, there’s a thing that you have to learn in time, it is an art that to say goodbye, bye… Listen, you’ve got to accept it, it is a condition imposed by life, it is a must that to say goodbye bye bye…bye bye… to say goodbye—I’ve greeted my school bench, that one on which I’ve engraved my name close to yours within a trembling heart …I’ve greeted my best friend flown in the sky and my youth while the face in the mirror faded as a rose redhead…Listen to me…. Abandon the pain out of the door, and go to the motion of the wave, and keep everything in your heart, while you say goodbye…